Improving the development, implementation and use of guidelines


Guidelines synthesize scientific evidence on a given condition, disease, procedure or therapy, but are widely under-utilized, leading to suboptimal health care, poor patient outcomes, and increased costs for health systems. We developed insight on how to improve guideline implementability.

Key Findings


This research resulted in an increase in guideline implementability content from 30% in 2011 to 67.5% in 2017, and international recognition as a guideline implementation expert [Implement Sci 2017;12:136]. International groups have used the Clinician Guideline Determinants Questionnaire: American Thyroid Association; Vaud University Hospital Centre at Université de Lausanne, Switzerland (translated into Swiss French and Swiss German); and Drs. Petra Karlsson and Margaret Wallen from the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association and Australian Catholic University, respectively.